Online Teaching:The Revolution

 Online Teaching opportunity

Nowadays during the pandemic covid-19.

The whole world has learned a different way of living and hence the students also need to study so they choose online studies.

Career in online teaching

One should make a gleaming career in online teaching field as there is flood of students suddenly in this field.

How you should get start up?

If  you are looking for a startup then according to me you should connect to an agency then afterwards some experience start your own classes with your known student and find the students worldwide.

Things you should need:

*First of all you should have a stable internet connection in your pc

*You can prepare your own slides or can download them from suitable websites accordingly.

*You should have access to particular agency or you should have your own known students so then you can teach them.

*You can also create your blog so that you may get better audience for your classes. 

Some platforms for perfect startup:

1.Try to grab the opportunity by posting on social media like Facebook.

2.Upwork, Upwork is a freelancing platform where you can find job suiting all talents and there is flood of jobs and almost of them are very high paying

3.solving questions for online study platforms,like, a.photostudy,b.quanda,c.studypool

They pay you for solving questions for them. This is a good way because there is no time boundations on you. You can work whenever you want.

Thank you.

In my next post I will be giving the teachers an opportunity to earn because I have almost 1000 students worldwide who needed tuition and I will be hiering first 500 registration and those who subscribe our blog.

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